Украинская ассоциация халяль индустрии

Ukrainian Association of Halal Industry


To the attention of consumers!

We draw the attention of consumers!

The Center for Research and Certification Halal “Alraid” announces that from October 20, 2021, it will terminate the certification of products of LLC “UPG – INVEST” TM “Syavir”. In the future, we ask all consumers to be careful before buying products of TM “Syayvir”. From October 20, 2021, the Halal certification of the Alraid Halal Research and Certification Center will not be considered valid.

Follow the ink for more information:

Recently UAHI “Ukrhalal” has had monitoring of Kyiv restaurants/cafes, which position themselves as Halal restaurant/cafe. We turned to experts of Halal certification who gave conclusions of each restaurant. Based on the conclusions of the experts, it turned out that only 20% of the surveyed restaurants/cafes can really position themselves as a Halal restaurant/cafe and apply for Halal certification, in accordance with the relevant standards. 55% of restaurants/cafes has Halal meat dishes, but also they propose alcohol or pork dishes in menu. The rest of the restaurants/cafes refused to provide information, or did not respond at all.


We would like to note that in order for an restaurant/cafe to be considered Halal, there are requirements that it must comply with.


The main requirements of the Halal standard:


  1. All food products in the restaurant/cafe must be Halal;
  2. The restaurant/cafe should not has alcohol in the menu;
  3. The restaurant/cafe should not has any pork dishes in the menu.


At the moment, none of the restaurant/cafe in Kyiv are Halal certified, but the conditions and food products of some of them meet the requirements of this standard. We draw your attention to the fact that UAHI “Ukrhalal” does not establish the status of Halal for any of the surveyed restaurant/cafe and leaves a choice for each consumer – whether or not to consider these restaurants/cafes Halal.


You can view the checklist of inspected institutions by active link.


If you know other Halal establishments in Kyiv – write to us and we will check them.


On November 25-27, 2021, the 7th World Halal Summit (WHS) will be held at the Istanbul Congress Centre (ICC) (Turkey, Istanbul) under the theme of «New Era & New Normals: Necessity of Halal Production and Consumption». During three days, the Summit offers a rich program of interactive panel sessions with the participation of professionals in the Halal sector and other stakeholders, to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the Halal industry, also as scientific presentations and seminars.


To participate at the World Halal Summit 2021, follow the link:, for more detailed information about the upcoming event.


IV INTERNATIONAL TRADE FAIR UKRAINIAN FOOD EXPO 2021 will be held on 3 and 4 of June. Ukrainian Food Expo is an effective international b2b platform that helps to declare itself to the market and expand sales markets. The exhibition will be held offline at the Vystavkovyi tsentr “Kyiv Expo Plaza”, st. Amsterdamska, 1, Berezivka, Kyiv region. This event will be of interest to producers of Ukrainian food products, business representatives in Ukraine (wholesale and retail trade, distribution companies) and representatives of foreign business (buyers, importers, traders).


During 2 days at the exhibition it will be possible to:


  • Hear about the experience and specifics of exporting products in different regions of the world.
  • Take part in discussions of the main issues of the industry together with the largest food manufacturers in your category.
  • Meet foreign buyers from over 50 countries in the negotiation area.

To register for the event, follow the link:


For more information, contact the Ukrainian Food Expo –


In 2020, Ukrainian cheese makers reduced the production of rennet cheese and cheese product by 5% – to 125 thousand tons. Taking into account the growth of imports, the reduction in production by only 5% can be considered a success. The decrease in production by only 5% can be attributed to the fact that sales of rennet cheeses, together with semi-hard cheese products, increased by 10% over the year. It is noted that the phenomenon of such an increase in demand is difficult to explain. According to experts, this growth has limits and this year it is unlikely to continue. Imports will continue to grow, and production will have to be reduced. In addition, despite the tough competition with imported cheeses, domestic cheese makers were able to maintain relatively high prices for their products.


The dynamics of the production of processed cheeses, despite the growth of their imports, is positive. The output of this product c and cheese products, increased in 2020 by 6%, to almost 43 thousand tons. This result was achieved due to increased consumption, as well as due to a noticeable increase in exports to the Middle East. As a reminder, the export of food products to the countries of the Middle East is possible only with the Halal certificate. That is, the export of food products to these countries would not have been possible if the products did not meet Halal standards.


“It seems that this year, these markets will help out a number of Ukrainian producers of cheese products” – summed up in “Infagro”.

On December 28 and December 29,  was held an online training on “What does mean Halal?”, speakers of which were representatives of the UKRHALAL association. The training addressed issues related to the Halal industry in Ukraine and the Middle East and the basic requirements for Halal products. Participants had the opportunity to get answers to questions about the specifics of Halal certification of meat, confectionery and milk products. We also want to remind that the Ukrainian Association of Halal Industry “Ukrhalal” has a system of training for standardization of Halal. Training is provided for manufacturers, auditors, observers and production workers. And for all those who are interested in the Halal industry. The list of training topics can be viewed on the website of the association “Ukrhalal” in the section “education”, or write a letter to Email: with a request for “education”.

Europe’s top court has backed a ban in Belgium on the slaughter of animals that had not been stunned. Jewish and Muslim groups have warned this may curtail religious freedom. Animal rights activists had pushed for the ban, which could prevent both kosher and halal ritual slaughter. The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled that EU member states could legally ban stun-free slaughter, despite initial opposition from religious groups.


In 2017, the Flemish region of Belgium prohibited the slaughter of animals without reversible stunning beforehand. Jewish and Muslim groups in the country challenged the legislation, citing freedom of religion. The effect of this law is, in essence, to prohibit the slaughtering of animals by means of traditional Jewish and Muslim rites and to require that such animals be stunned prior to slaughter in order to reduce their suffering. But the ECJ found that the regulation was only limited to “one aspect of the specific ritual act of slaughter,” and that the slaughter itself was not prohibited.

One of the IT companies based in the CIS countries, has got a Halal certificate for information technology and loyalty program.  Before, certification of digital technologies and business of multimillion companies was not practiced. For the most part, various products were certified, including the labeling of goods and services.
Halal is what is allowed and permitted by the religion of Islam, as well as the way of life and worldview of Muslims. With more and more people practicing Islam, Halal certification centers have gone further and now certify not only food and catering establishments, but also services such as information technology. As there are areas in the company that are prohibited by Islamic law, and Muslims working in this area make up about 30% of the total population of the CIS countries, entrepreneurs are increasingly turning to Halal certification centers to document the purity of the business to employees.

The International Halal Accreditation Forum (IHAF) emphasized the importance of developing Halal standards at the ISO level to capitalize the Islamic economy, which is projected to reach 11.7 trillion dirhams ($ 3.2 trillion) by 2024, according to a report on the global Islamic economy for 2019-2020 year. Dr Rehab Al Ameri, IHAF Secretary General, noted the importance of promoting Halal ISO standards in her speech at the 5th Global Halal Industry Platform, reports Emirates Wam news agency. According to her, those who seek to meet the needs of 1.2 billion Muslim consumers around the world.

The event, sponsored by Sultan Bin Saeed Al-Mansouri, Minister of Economy and Chairman of the Emirates Standardization and Metrology Department (ESMA), was opened by Abdullah Al-Maini, EMSA CEO.

The important thing is that today, countries are following Halal standards in order to penetrate new markets, as well as cater to the growing Muslim population and the growing number of non-Muslim consumers who prefer to consume Halal products.

Governments around the world have taken initiatives to support the development of the Halal industry, leading to new markets, modernization of existing facilities, research and development, technology acquisition, marketing and promotion. The Secretary-General stated that the development of Halal standards at the ISO level and the harmonization of these standards around the world is essential to protect the growing number of Halal consumers and facilitate international trade in Halal products.

The Secretary-General stated that the development of Halal standards at the ISO level and the harmonization of these standards around the world is essential to protect the growing number of Halal consumers and facilitate international trade in Halal products. Thus, the harmonization of Halal standards will not only remove trade barriers, but also provide easier, more transparent international trade relations, which will contribute to the economic growth of countries, as well as expanding opportunities for halal goods to access new halal markets around the world.

A “garlic cluster” will be held at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, dedicated to the cultivation and sale of this popular vegetable as a seasoning and an element that gives a special flavor to dishes. The Association of Ukrainian and Arab Businessmen will take part in the events. The organizer of the garlic cluster Julianna Moussa noted that among the most discussed topics will be: markets for products; growing technologies, planting material; proper storage.

As one of the speakers at the seminar on garlic breeding, chairman of the Association of Ukrainian and Arab Businessmen Salim Alotti, noted, the association is constantly working on establishing relations between Ukraine and the Arab world, developing investment activities in Ukraine, facilitating the entry of Ukrainian products to the Persian Gulf market. During the seminar, he will tell what need to export Ukrainian garlic to the Gulf countries, what standards are there and there are obstacles

It was previously indicated that Egyptian importers suspended the signing of contracts for the import of Chinese garlic because of coronavirus. At the same time, the Arab country received products under previous contracts.

Arab countries are countries with a large share of the consumption of this product. The coronavirus pandemic can make its own adjustments to the export map of the world. Ukrainians are not ready for large volumes of export of this product, but Ukraine is able to provide high-quality products to its market.



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Общее Собрание членов Ассоциации

Высший орган управления, определяющий стратегию и основные направления деятельности Ассоциации. Очередное Общее собрание членов Ассоциации проводится один раз в год не ранее, чем через три, и не позднее, чем через девять месяцев после окончания финансового года. К исключительной компетенции Общего собрания относится решение таких вопросов как: изменение Устава Ассоциации, определение основных направлений деятельности, принципов формирования и использования ее имущества.

Совет Ассоциации

Является постоянно действующим коллегиальным органом управления, осуществляющим общее руководство деятельностью Ассоциации в период между Общими собраниями членов Ассоциации. Совет Ассоциации проводит заседания по мере необходимости, но не реже двух раз в год. Совет формируется в количестве не менее 5 человек на добровольной основе из представителей организаций – членов Ассоциации. По решению Общего собрания членов Ассоциации в состав Совета могут входить независимые члены, которые не связаны трудовыми отношениями с Ассоциацией и ее членами и удовлетворяют требованиям законодательства. В компетенцию Совета Ассоциации входит решение вопросов общего руководства, за исключением решения вопросов, отнесенных к исключительной компетенции Общего собрания членов Ассоциации и исполнительных органов Ассоциации в соответствии с Уставом.

Президент Ассоциации

является единоличным исполнительным органом Ассоциации, избираемым Общим собранием сроком на 5 лет. Президент организовывает и обеспечивает исполнение решений Общего собрания членов Ассоциации и Совета Ассоциации. Президент без доверенности действует от имени Ассоциации, представляет Ассоциацию во всех организациях, как в Украине, так и за границей, самостоятельно принимать решения от имени Ассоциации в пределах своей компетенции.


Коллегиальный исполнительный орган, который руководит текущей деятельностью Ассоциации. В состав Президиума входят Президент и два вице-Президента, назначаемые по представлению Совета Ассоциации сроком на 5 лет.

Загальне Зібрання членів Асоціації

Вищий орган управління, який визначає стратегію і основні напрямки діяльності Асоціації. ЧерговеЗагальне зібрання членів Асоціації проводиться один раз на рік. Не раніше, ніж через три і не пізніше, ніж через дев’ять місяців після закінчення фінансового року. До виключної компетенції Загальних зборів належить вирішення таких питань, як зміна Статуту Асоціації, визначення основних напрямків діяльності, принципів формування і використання її майна.

Рада Асоціації

Є постійно діючим колегіальним органом управління, який здійснює загальне керівництво діяльністю Асоціації в період між Загальними зібраннями членів Асоціації. Рада Асоціації проводить засідання в міру необхідності, але не рідше двох разів на рік. Рада формується в кількості не менше 5 осіб на добровільних засадах з представників організацій – членів Асоціації. За рішенням Загальних зборів членів Асоціації до складу Ради можуть входити незалежні члени, які не пов’язані трудовими відносинами з Асоціацією і її членами і задовольняють вимогами законодавства. До компетенції Ради Асоціації входить вирішення питань загального керівництва, за винятком вирішення питань, віднесених до виключної компетенції Загальних зборів членів Асоціації та виконавчих органів Асоціації відповідно до Статуту.


Є одноосібним виконавчим органом Асоціації, що обирається Загальними зборами терміном на 5 років. Президент організовує і забезпечує виконання рішень Загальних зборів членів Асоціації та Ради Асоціації. Президент без довіреності діє від імені Асоціації, представляє Асоціацію в усіх організаціях, як в Україні, так і за кордоном, самостійно укладає угоди від імені Асоціації в межах своєї компетенції.


Колегіальний виконавчий орган, який керує поточною діяльністю Асоціації. До складу Президії входять Президент і два віце-Президента, які призначаються за поданням Ради Асоціації строком на 5 років.


Is the sole executive body of the Association, elected by the General Meeting for a term of 5 years. The President organizes and ensures the implementation of decisions of the General Meeting of the Association and of the Association Council. President without power of attorney on behalf of the Association, represents the Association in all organizations, both in Ukraine and abroad, on their own transactions on behalf of the Association within its competence.


The collegial executive body that manages the current activities of the Association. The Presidium consists of the President and two vice-presidents, appointed on the proposal of the Board of the Association for a period of 5 years.


Association Council

It is a permanent collegial management body performing general management of the Association in the period between the General Meetings of the Association. The Association Council shall meet as required, but at least twice a year. The Council is formed of at least 5 people on a voluntary basis from the representatives of organizations – members of the Association. The General Meeting of the Association members of the Presidium are independent members who are not in labor relations with the Association and its members and meet the requirements of federal law. The Association Council is competent to general management, with the exception of the matters reserved to the exclusive competence of the Association of the Association and the executive bodies of the General Meeting in accordance with the Charter.

General Meeting of Association Members

Supreme governing body that determines the strategy and basic directions of activity of the Association. The next General Meeting of the Association shall be provide once a year. Not earlier than three, and no later than nine months after the financial year end. The exclusive competence of the General Meeting include issues such as: the change of the Charter of the Association, the definition of the main activities, the principles of formation and use of its property.