Checklist of Halal restaurants in Kyiv

Recently UAHI “Ukrhalal” has had monitoring of Kyiv restaurants/cafes, which position themselves as Halal restaurant/cafe. We turned to experts of Halal certification who gave conclusions of each restaurant. Based on the conclusions of the experts, it turned out that only 20% of the surveyed restaurants/cafes can really position themselves as a Halal restaurant/cafe and apply for Halal certification, in accordance with the relevant standards. 55% of restaurants/cafes has Halal meat dishes, but also they propose alcohol or pork dishes in menu. The rest of the restaurants/cafes refused to provide information, or did not respond at all.


We would like to note that in order for an restaurant/cafe to be considered Halal, there are requirements that it must comply with.


The main requirements of the Halal standard:


  1. All food products in the restaurant/cafe must be Halal;
  2. The restaurant/cafe should not has alcohol in the menu;
  3. The restaurant/cafe should not has any pork dishes in the menu.


At the moment, none of the restaurant/cafe in Kyiv are Halal certified, but the conditions and food products of some of them meet the requirements of this standard. We draw your attention to the fact that UAHI “Ukrhalal” does not establish the status of Halal for any of the surveyed restaurant/cafe and leaves a choice for each consumer – whether or not to consider these restaurants/cafes Halal.


You can view the checklist of inspected institutions by active link.


If you know other Halal establishments in Kyiv – write to us and we will check them.